Steel Truss GI Roof Framing System  
SteelTruss G.I. is a roof truss system that utilizes professionally engineered cold-formed galvanized metal sections and prefabricated truss elements that suits the roof designs of Filipino homes, commercial and institutional projects.
Superior Truss Components: No twisting, warping, or shrinking
  A. Top & Bottom Chord
Highly-efficient section design for small to long-span applications.

B. Web Component
Provides added strength to the top & bottom chord of the truss system.

C. Hat Section
Superior purlin design that requires no sagrods. Provides more adequate support & stability to the roofing material.

D. FasciaFlex
Excellent alternative to conventional fascia boards.

  Superior Perfromance and Strength  
  A. Galvanized sections provide superior rust protection against any counterpart.

B. Can accomodate wider truss spacing

Zinc-corrosion is lower than 0.1 microns per 3-year period in houses (British study - AISI Durability of Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members, October 1996). 5 microns coating will last 150 years.

> Touch-up of G.I. sections are done in accordance with ASTM A780-01 (using zinc-rich paint).

> Sections were engineered and designed under the provisions of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).

  Money’s Worth  
  A. Guaranteed thickness &
size of sections

B. No “undersizing” compared with its

C. Superior building material

> Thickness is max 5% negative tolerance.

> Dimensions are cold=formed to its specifications.

> Galvanized!


  Saves on Cost and Time  
  A. No painting of sections

B. Minimal fabrication on-site

C. Shortened installation time

D. Best rust protection reducing or even eliminating maintenance or replacement of roof framing

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